Fire is one of the first discoveries of human civilisation. Fire has been instrumental in changing our lives; it therefore holds a huge significance in tradition, culture and rituals. Fire is closely associated with wisdom, prosperity, divinity and purity.

Around the world people worship fire in various forms; it is central element in various celebrations. Fire is one of the core elements of nature; the other elements are Earth, Water, Air and Space; it is the only element that cannot be polluted. Therefore, Fire resembles prosperity, wellness and fruitful life. Fire also produces light and clears of darkness; thus it also signifies knowledge and wisdom.

In various religious ceremonies, fire is considered as an element to carry messages to God. It is believed that fire consumes the ritualistic offerings, sacrifices, prayers and transfers them to the Gods through smoke.

Different forms of fire festivals are celebrated across the world; in many such festivals people perform dangerous acrobats and shows with fire often compromising their safety. Sometimes these bizarre celebration styles make these fire festivals an extra ordinary experience.