India Festivals have more colours than you can imagine !

Colours are expressions of faith, joy and belief in Indian culture. It carries enormous significance in Indian festive mood. The country becomes alive with its festivals and celebrations that truly bring the spirit of the nation together. Vibrant colours symbolize the soul and emotions of people. Colours carry the message of love, hope and happiness. Each colour used in festivals has its own significance and importance deep rooted into Indian culture. Thus colours and life are inseparable; it resembles the essence of life.

Red is the ultimate colour of love, passion and fertility. It means sensuousness and demands positive energy.  Yellow is synonymous with turmeric, known for its medicinal uses. So the colour yellow represents knowledge, well-being, meditation, and peace. Blue is the colour of Lord Krishna’s face, and also represents the vastness of sky and oceans. Green is the colour of nature, symbolises new beginnings and good harvest. Saffron is associated with strength and divine spirit. Whereas pink is the colour of compassion and purple represents the magic and mysteries of life.

Festivals bring joy, happiness; prosperity in human life and colours represents that spirit. Since the ancient period, India has always remained colourful and vibrant. The colours that hold it together are the colours of pride, love and faith and the feelings that we will remain united and overcome all difficulties.