Amphun Super Cyclone 2020

On the top of Covid-19 pandemic crisis, Super Cyclone Amphan with wind speed 180 kmph hit Southern West Bengal on 20th May, 2020 affecting 10 million people. I visited few badly effected regions of Gosaba block in Sundanban delta to experience the massive destruction. The severe storm associated with 25 meter high tidal surge not only devastated the houses, trees and crops but also breached the river dykes causingĀ  large scale land submergence by salt water. Salt water intrusion has rendered the land unfit for agriculture for coming years. The tidal surge has washed off all the fishes in the pond and filled the ponds with salt water thereby making the pond unfit for further fish culture. My photographs share the distress and suffering caused by Amphan in the lives of the people. The cyclone has passed away, but the silence tells hundreds of heart wrenching stories of human suffering and pain.